Peace Signs

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I am feeling very blessed and a tad special today.

An online friend contacted me on Saturday to let me know a box of goodies she no longer wanted was headed my way. I've been gifted by her before and am always thrilled when she sends me a note letting me know I'm going to be gifted again.

I'm feeling so blessed. How thrilling is it to have so many ways to receive the supplies I need to continue my crafty quest? I always, somehow, get exactly what I need to keep going.

I am most humbled to receive these gifts. Especially when someone, for no particular reason, sends me things they think I can use.

This awesome box of goodies arrived yesterday. It was 9 lbs of jewelry supplies, small glass tiles and tumbled glass, rocks and fused pieces. I took some photos (sorry the 1st one is a tad fuzzy but you get the idea) to show you a little sample of what I received. So much was gifted that I couldn't get them all in a photo.

cords, chains, wires, cloth bags, jump rings

pendants and bracelet blanks in gold, silver-plated, pewter, bronze, copper

micro-mini tiles, millefiori, large glass gems, tumbled, fused and tiled glass

Gold, bronze, copper, silver plated, pewter, glass, chains, cords, wire. This box was filled with inspiration. Amazing. The day before, when I worked on the pique assiette pendants, I was almost out of pendants and thought: I'm glad I have the few pendants I have to allow the muse to play today. And now, the muse can dance and play for months!

My generous friend told me, when I thanked her through my teary eyes, that a little voice told her to send it all to Cindy. How much do I love her and that little voice?!

Stand back folks, because a major flurry of activity jewelry making mosaic madness is about to commence! Woo-hoo!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics