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Monday, August 26, 2013

It's A Brand New Week

It's a brand new week and that means all new projects! Woo-hoo!

First, let me share the newest additions to my Etsy shop.

Mosaic Pitcher, Flowers, Retro, Hippie Decor, Flower Power, Home Decor, Recycled, Reused, Stained Glass Mosaic, Upcycled, Vase

Decorative Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow, Home Decor, Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Nature, Tree, Photo Pillow Cover, Made To Order, September, October

The dot painted bottle is finished and will get listed this week, along with a few flower pots and more pillows too.

"Black Night" will be listed soon
Yesterday I started working on a recycling mosaic project that I think is going fairly well. The most fun I have, in all honesty, is when I pull out the tempered glass, glitter and acrylics!

What do those who don't mosaic see, I wonder, when they look at this photo?
tempered or crash glass

I see mosaic heaven! So many possibilities! Yeah buddy!

I am assuming this will look like a shrine when I'm finished with it because that is what I had in mind. It started its first life as a small wooden jewelry box. A few drawers are missing but I'm going to use them too for some mosaic goodness at some point separate from this.

I've already done a bit of reworking around the sun which has paint that gets glittered up and tempered glass placed over it. I used an iridescent glass as the outline but it just didn't do much for me. I am taking the glass off now and adding ball chain around it. I'll share photos of it as I go.

On a final note: there may be a few days this week and perhaps next week as well, where I will be missing a few posts. School is starting soon and although I'm just the Nana now, I live with the kids and kidlets and as their schedule changes, so will mine. I may discover I have more time to do my crafts once the routine gets established, but this year all 3 grandchildren will be in school, my daughter has changed her work schedule so she will be here when they get home, and I'll have the responsibility of getting them on the bus each day. It will take some adjusting for me as well as for them. Some things, like blog posts, FB visits and marketing in general may get set aside.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics