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Monday, June 26, 2017

Let's Go Shopping!

Lotus Mosaic Wall Art, Mosaic Wall Hanging, Bohemian Art, Hippie Decor, For The Home, Wedding, Birthday, Great Gift, Anniversary, Retirement - $50.00 USD
One of my all-time favorite designs to draw and make into mosaics is the lotus. This mosaic has stained glass in iridescent pink, pieces of a broken lamp in pink, green and purple, some bright green glass tiles, stained glass in green, mirror, ball chain, and small plastic flowers. Lots to see in this 8 x 10 inch wall art.

Bohemian in nature, this has a soothing quality to it, especially when near sunlight. It is very sparkly and shines brightly making even the most gloomy of days extra special and will make you smile. Meditate with it near you to feel the good vibrations. Namaste!

I couldn't decide which way I wanted it to hang, which is why there are no photos of it hanging on the wall. It looks great vertically as well as horizontally. Therefore, there is a hanger and hardware taped to the back of this piece waiting for your decision. You can request I add it before I send it out to you and in which direction you'd like it or the hardware can be included for you. It's not too difficult to attach the hardware and string once you've seen it in person. Don't forgot to include this info when you purchase this beauty. Thank you!

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Stay Peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics