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Friday, June 16, 2017

In The Studio - Friday

Mosaic stained glass candle holder fun continues as the week winds down. We had a hot few days and I did nothing but try to keep myself and the poor kitty cat cool. Yesterday Mother Nature gave us a break from the humidity and the high temps and both of us were able to be a little more productive. Well, one of us was more productive. One of us seemed to be enjoying the a/c while napping on her pillow while I worked.

Work-in-progress 3 inch candle holder.

I have become so conditioned to working in a small space, using the entire table to work on seems unnatural. Half of the table has scrap glass containers and a few boxes to be sorted when I am not working on a mosaic.

Some of this scrap glass is already sorted and in jars. Every time I put the jars back on the shelves, I find as I'm sorting through the next container a lot more of the glass I just put away on the shelves. Seems more productive to leave them here until I've gone through it all.

Tiles and glass are in this box. Luckily I have a dedicated space for tiles now! Yay!

When the candle holder I'm working on is ready for grout, I'll probably continue working on sorting glass.

Purples, yellow and orange. I think the room I'm living in has dictated the color choices I'm using these days!

Happy Father's Day to all those lucky men who love a child enough to be called Dad.

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Stay Peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics