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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

I've been having fun creating this week. It's been such a long time since I've had a dedicated flat surface to work on. I used TV trays and a wonky side table for years and had managed to create many wonderful mosaics on them. I proved to myself that I didn't need a large studio with all the bells and whistles (although who doesn't want one of those?!???) to make art. I'm proud of all I've accomplished over the years. Here are a few things I created on a small TV tray and a wonky side table just to show you what can be done if you've got a mind to do it!

Today, I have been making small candle holders. I need to get back into the groove of 3-D glass-on-glass mosaics. The first one I just finished is now in the "to be grouted" pile. It isn't the best job I've ever done ... dealing with arthritis in my left hand and not having done these for a while took a little bit of a learning curve to figure out. But I did it!

I used blue and purple stained glass in lots of different hues for this candle holder.

This is now sitting in the "to be grouted" pile.

Waiting for the glue to dry was probably the hardest part. Luckily now that I have slightly more space in my room I was able to put it aside and start in on the next one right away. What a great feeling that is!

Purple, yellow and orange candle holder being gifted when it's finished.

Although I see tons of flaws, the fact that grout will fix most of them makes me relax and enjoy the process of gluing glass on glass. Thank goodness for grout!!

I have some new projects coming up but I am going to continue making candle holders as often as I can. All, if not gifted or donated, will be listed on Etsy as they are completed.

Hope you have a great week!

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Stay Peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics