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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

It's been a semi-lazy week so far. I have bursts of energy but they quickly leave. I am assuming that is due to the changes in our PA weather. The cooler temps are rolling in slowly. The afternoons are still toasty and I will admit to putting the a/c on some days. But only for an hour or two. Way different than a month ago!

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share this awesome artists painter box my Dad gave me recently. I'm not sure where it came from; it might have been a garage sale find of his. He asked me some time ago if I could use some brushes and maybe, if the paint was still good, would I be interested in it as well. I'm always looking for both and with no real budget, free supplies are always welcome!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this beautiful box. It's weathered and worn. Definitely well-loved. And it might get a bit of a face-lift if I feel the urge to mosaic it. Nothing is safe around a mosaic artist! Isn't it something?

I surprised myself and decided to grout late in the afternoon yesterday. I had done a lot of social media stuff in the morning and thought I'd just chill. However, the muse leaned in and whispered in my ear to get going on that giftie that will be needed this weekend. And so I did that, a coaster my daughter made many years ago when I was still teaching basic mosaic classes and a cute Halloween themed mosaic ornament.

I won't yet share the gift which is shown at the bottom in the photo above. But here is the coaster and the ornament after grouting.

I think my daughter did a great job on her coaster. I'm sorry it took me so long to grout it but it got shoved in a box in storage and just resurfaced again. Isn't that little house funny? It makes me smile each time I see it. Ghost House, I guess should be what it's called. This was going to get an orange paint/water wash on it but I like it just as it is right now. I might paint the back orange, and it will get a hanger.

Recently my daughter helped a friend move. In turn we got a lot of unopened boxes of pasta and tomato sauce plus a few odds and ends she wasn't sure she wanted anymore. She gave me some dishes to smash and my daughter thought it would be nice to use them on a coat rack to give her friend. Sweet idea and I really love making gifts like this for my family and their friends.

After all the grouting is finished (I still have the mosaic letters to grout) I will get right on this cool project for my daughter.

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