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Monday, October 3, 2016

Promo Blast! - An Aftcra Collection

I promised myself that I'd spend some time promoting shops and items I've found in all the online sites where I sell my mosaics. I really do enjoy making up small collections and sharing them. It is fun to pick a theme or a color and see what I can find.

This week, it's all about what I found on aftcra, baby! Aren't these items below really cool?! As usual, I will share this on my social media favorites: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Twitter.

Aftcra: Crafted By American Hands. One of the sites I sell my mosaics on, and one of the sites I truly am proud to be part of is featured today, along with 9 of their shops. I hope you enjoy it.

All of these items were lovingly chosen for their unique style and because I just plain love them. If you see something you love too, please click on the link below the photo. It will take you directly to the shop.

Top Row - From Left to Right:
Pallet Clock from Monte Sano Farms
Wood Earrings from OnceAgainSam
Countdown To Christmas from St. Croix Routing Design

Middle Row - From Left to Right:
Pumpkin Sign from The Rustic Mermade

Bottom Row - From Left to Right:

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!~Cindy, EarthMotherMosaics