Peace Signs

Monday, October 17, 2016

Let's Go Shopping!

I'm changing my Monday posts title, if you hadn't noticed, from Promo Blast! to Let's Go Shopping!

So ... let's go!

Last week I made a sweet collection gathering items from Storenvy but quickly learned many of the shops don't use social media as I do, and therefore, it wasn't easy to share what I found with all the shops nor let them know they've been chosen. Those I found, through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, were shared happily! Not finding them all on these sites hasn't stopped me, however, from sharing where I can. Whether they know it or not, I love these items!

Here is the collection and the links to the stores. Enjoy!!!

Witchy Crescent Moon Choker in Brass sold by NecrologyShop

Galvanized Tin Jack-O-Lantern Luminary sold by Suwannee River Merchantile

Candy Heart Shades sold by MILK CLUB SHOP

Pink/White Lolita Bowknot Wedges sold by Moooh!!

Aura Crystal Necklace // Rainbow Titanium Crystal sold by TOCCA JEWELRY


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