Peace Signs

Friday, September 16, 2016

In The Studio - Friday

I've been working on the custom order for the past few days.

I cut up all the letters and discovered my hand was hurting really badly once I was finished. I had a repetitive thing going but didn't slow down or stop for any of the letters until they were completely cut out by hand. Once I get into the zone, it is so hard to stop.

I cut up some stained glass and added it around the edges of each letter while waiting for my hand to heal a bit.

I have been enjoying the patchwork design I've given these letters.

Working late until the sun sets is not unusual when I get into the zone. Like I said, it's hard to stop! These letters are getting some mosaic magic in record time.


"H", "E", "M" and "A" are all sitting in the to be grouted pile.

"C", "I" and "L" are just about finished!

Just in time to start work on the gift I'm keeping under wraps until it's been given. And who knows, maybe some grouting will get done before the end of the weekend. It could happen!

Enjoy the moments!

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