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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

I'm back playing with glass and grout this week after a long absence and it feels great!!

I started off the week with some grouting. Getting the Custom Ordered Celestial Set grouted was a wonderful feeling. I have touch ups still to do on these, a little more grout here and there, a little more cleaning. But they are looking really good.

Starting with the stars, I added my fav "Starry Night" grout to each one.

It's always so much fun to completely cover the tessarae up and then slowly clean off the grout to see it shine once more.

After these were finished, it was time to tackle the sides of the sun and moon. The moon was easy but the sun ... really the opposite.

Cleaning off the tiles around the sies of the sun was very challenging. I used cotton swabs at one point to get the grout cleaned off a little bit in the small areas where my tools and fingers just wouldn't go. It was worth it, however. Just look at that shine!

I got the "M" grouted for my grandson and gifted it to him for his 9th birthday. He loves it!

I have another custom order to start next for the same customer who ordered the celestial set.

The name "Michael" is completely cut out now and I'll share the progress of how it's going on Friday. The light wasn't with me yesterday afternoon so I couldn't get a good photo.

I'll also be back at it this morning with more grouting. It might take each morning this week to get all the grouting finished of things I've got waiting in the pile, but I'm okay with that.

I'll be doing a "Super Secret Mosaics Lab" project this weekend. Can't share that until the mosaic has been gifted (within the next month) but I'll definitely share it.

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