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Friday, September 23, 2016

In The Studio - Friday

Happy weekend!

After working on the "Super Secret Mosaics Lab" gift, I decided to do a little grouting! I was surprised that my "to be grouted" pile is kind of overflowing. It's a good feeling, though, because that means I've been busy creating!

I grouted a small pendant and a wooden trivet first. Grout color is called "fawn". I love it.

After grouting this wooden trivet, I noticed some cracks in the side of the wood. It might have been something I did, but these pieces are about as old as I am (I'm now officially 62!) so chances are I just didn't notice the crack until now. If I list this, it will be reduced due to the crack. Oh well, my loss is a customer's gain!

I finally got that big old frying pan grouted because I had a little left over from what I did above. I love this thing but this sucker is HEAVY!

This might get listed soon. I'm still cleaning off the grout from the dish pieces. I used different thicknesses so some are almost hidden from the grout at the moment. But I do love this and really would love to work on more aluminum items. I'm going to have to take a trip to the local thrift store some how soon to see what I can find. I don't drive, so finding someone to not only take me but be excited to go with me is probably the biggest challenge.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to keep it creative!

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