Peace Signs

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Wowie, am I busy this week! The muse is in full swing and I am working on the custom celestial set. This set is fast becoming one of my favorite projects. What do you think?

This was the hardest one to cut out mostly because of my arthritic fingers.

Crescent moon and sun measure 8-9 inches.


Celestial set
A treatment of grout/glue/water was added to the back and sides for added strength and aesthetics.
Same treatment on the back and sides of the stars.
The fun part!

In the sun, this beauty shines.

Late at night, lamplight, I had to get a picture of it when finished and awaiting grout.
Messy from glue, it's still gorgeous in sunlight. Now in the "to be grouted" pile.

Started this moon right after I finished the sun in the evening.

Continued into the late evening working on this. Tiny pieces of stained glass were cut to fit.

With each crescent moon that I create, if it fits in this space, I have to document it in this way. It's a tradition!
Time to start on the stars!
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