Peace Signs

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

In between spending time with the family, I have managed to get some mosaic work completed too. It's a slower pace during the summer months, and having the Little Dude home every day with me is a lot of fun.

The celestial set is in the "to be grouted" pile.

I used stained glass in dark blue and various iridescent glass. I really do enjoy making celestial mosaics a lot.

I've started on a new mosaic. This is a discarded microwave plate (the last one in stock!) and carries over with the celestial theme.

I took a doodle I did last year that wasn't in very good shape (ink smeared, some of the drawings were off by a whole lot) and cut it out and taped it to the bottom underside of the plate. I can't do the specific details from my drawing because they are too small, but I can use them as a guide.

There's not a lot of planning here, just going with the flow and using the doodles as a guide. The flowers will no doubt become stars. The rays of the sun are probably going to get another color added to them.

And have no fear, once the doodle is no longer needed here for the plate, I will save it and use it for a mixed media project with paper or add it to something else at some point in the future. It's uses are endless!

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