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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

A little grouting happened this weekend. I always love to see the final results, of course, of my efforts but sometimes as I start to clean off the grout, I can tell just by looking at a small section, that it is going to be amazing.

Such was the case here with this mosaic stained glass plate.

This is about the point where I started to smile with happiness at the results.

After the first cleaning (2-3 more to do) and already it is gorgeous!
This plate is available for sale and will be placed in my online shops if no one snatches it up first! I love it, so if it stays with me for a while ... I'm okay with that.

I grouted the funky crescent moon I made using dish shards.

I haven't yet gotten a hanger on the back, but once I do, I'll take some photos and get it listed.

I worked on the 3 inch glazed pots. I have to say, glaze and grout do not like each other much and it's always a bit of a struggle (sometimes a full blown war!) to get the grout to stay put. This time, I won the battle and I'm happy with the results.

Each sold separately.
2 sides have swirls, 2 sides have waves.
My daughter handed me a few wooden wall sconces to put some mosaic magic on. That always makes me happy when people gift me with more substrates because I always find a way to use them!

Patiently waiting for some mosaic goodness!

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