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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Over the past 11 years that I've been making mosaics, I've had my share of problems with them. When things go wrong with mosaics, for me, anyway, it is mostly due to using the wrong color of grout or finding the grout seeps under the glass.


Wrong grout color choices. Neither work here. I made this mosaic in 2008. I had a lot to learn! If I were making this today, the pieces would be closer together and the grout color would have been a light brown or grey. Even black would have worked but as I noticed when I found the notes that went with this mosaic, I was out of black at the time I made this. Patience was never a strong thing with me, so I went with what I had: green and white. Yuck.
One of the newest mosaics I've made recently and still, this can happen! If you look closely at the yellow "squiggle", you'll see at the top how grout crept under a spot where glue wasn't properly added. This was a good reminder for me and the next 2 mosaics I made like this, I used a glue/water combo with a paint brush over the entire thing to try to prevent seepage. I'm not sure it always works, but it will help.
 Rarely do my mosaics break, thank goodness, but every so often, I drop something, someone slams a door, or I do something careless which causes the mosaics to plunge to their death.

I thought I'd share some things that have happened this week, but also something that happened over a year ago and not until today have I decided I can fix it. After accidents happen here for me, I have to put them away or out of my line of vision because I naturally get kind of upset. That's how it went with this candle holder.

Very fixable ... grout broke off mostly in this one spot after I dropped this. I put it aside (see the dust?! hahaha) and haven't wanted to fix it until recently. I should be grouting this weekend and will put this in the pile to be fixed.

This is one of the new mosaics I just made. The chain that was on this got stuck in my window and when I closed the window, the chain broke. But it did it slowly. I walked away and the chain broke causing the mosaic to fall onto the windowsill which hit a gazing ball and a bottle which tumbled and hit another mosaic sitting on a shelf underneath, which made that one fall to the floor. NO mosaics broke, but the frame split from being pulled too tightly.

As this was plummeting to its death, the frame got scratched from the mosaics in front of it. I'm amazed the mosaic itself did not break. But it's glued into the frame, which means I have to fix the scratches and the split at the top and keep it or give it away at some point. This is no longer for sale.

Using a necklace chain instead of the chain that was on it is a good alternative until I can afford some picture wire or something sturdier.
A series of events caused this to happen. Let me explain: we live in a 2 story apartment building. Our apartment is on the second floor. Every day there is a possibility that someone will slam a door downstairs and when that happens, mosaics wobble a little bit. Sometimes after a month or so, I walk around my room and straighten out the wall art that gets tilted due to the kids running around and the doors being slammed. It is apartment life for a mosaic artist. Well ... THIS mosaic artist. There were 2 mosaics sitting above this plate waiting for glue to dry. The door downstairs slammed, the top mosaic wobbled and hit this plate and a few other things on the way down. Again, THAT mosaic was not broken, but this one wasn't so lucky.

The good thing about mosaics is that they are bits and pieces of other things. The best thing about mosaics is even when they break, they can be given a new life and still have redeeming qualities. While I am especially sad about this beautiful mandala plate, I am reminded that without broken pieces of glass and mirror, I wouldn't have made this. I am also fairly sure I can't repair it as it is, but there is a really good possibility that maybe a year from now I will pull it out, inspired to add it to something new. Such is the thinking of a mosaics artist. Thank goodness. I am in mourning for this mandala plate right now ... really sad it broke, but am glad I have some skills and knowledge and know just because it's broken, doesn't mean it can't be used.

There's a really good possibility you will see this placed or altered in some way in the future. Meanwhile, I'm going to go lay down and have a good cry and maybe take a nap.

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