Peace Signs

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

I'm having a fun week in the studio. It's nice to just forget my troubles for a while and do what I love to do. There's nothing much else that compares.

I wanted to share a photo of the 3 sets of coasters I made for the "how to" posts I've been writing. They are so pretty all together.

I am also glad I have them handy for the craft fair I want to do towards the end of summer. Fingers crossed it all works out ... it seems to be, so far, so that's a really good sign!

I made a sweet Minnie Mouse for a soon to be 2 year old using a discarded plate and some broken dishes, mirror and a little stained glass.

I also had made some polymer clay words that I wanted to put on the plate, but they didn't really work too well on it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them until I found a small piece of Wediboard I had painted a design on (some flowers I think) and then covered over in paint because I wasn't happy with the results.

After toying with a few different things, I came up with this.

I put a ribbon through the hole at the top so it can be hung up on a wall. The sides are painted with pink paint and then I dabbed them in mica flakes in gold. Very effective, fast and easy project ... and CUTE!!

Now that the gifts are made, I'm starting work on a custom order. I'm struggling with depression right now so trying to focus on art has become more difficult than it should. However, although there are still a few things I'm mulling over with this one, I can start cutting out the shapes.

So far, I've only managed to get a little bit of work done on it. I'm okay with taking my time and I'm also okay with just doing a little when the emotional things I'm dealing with settle down enough to concentrate on other things.

My own design of a sun ready to be cut.
Cutting Wediboard is really easy but this design takes a little finesse.
The custom will be a sun, moon and stars to be hung on a wall. Once I figure out how I'll do the sides and get hangers, I can start the mosaic magic!

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