Peace Signs

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your Help Is Appreciated

Oh no ... Nana needs a new computer! Yikes!! My business is in crisis mode.

I was awakened at 3:30 AM this morning to a horrific sound of a computer crashing. It was running updates and had a hard disk error. CRASH ... beeeeepppp ... like the life support system sounds heard on my favorite doctor/hospital/drama television shows ... then silence ... it wouldn't come back to life or in computer terms: reboot. 2nd time this month ... ugh.

Luckily, I was able to (after hyperventilating) get it back up and running. By 5:30 this AM, I stumbled back to bed secure in knowing it at least was breathing on it's own for the moment. I do a deep cleaning of all the important software periodically to make sure it stays in good shape for a while longer. But it only helps for bit before it crashes again. I'm thankful I can get it come back to life, even if it's just to share a few photos or a new listing.

On the plus side, I've had this computer for 5+ years and it's served me well. On the negative side, this computer is my one and only life line to my business and my social life. I have no other forms of communication; i.e. cell phone, iPad or what have you. My PC is it.

That means I need your help to get a new, perhaps upgraded, computer soon. I set up a link to donate money towards helping me get a new computer. In return, you'll receive a handmade mosaic gift as a thank you.

This is not something I do lightly. I am fiercely independent even though I live with my daughter and eek a sort of living from my craft. I keep myself in pistachio nuts and a bottle of wine here and there, pay for the monthly fees of the online sites that I use, and purchase more supplies to keep the craft thing going when I need it. Life is pretty darned good for the simple things in life. But the major things, like a computer, I cannot do on my own. I would like to be able to get myself what I need without anyone's help but thank goodness there are ways to ask for it because I truly do need it.

My 59th birthday is in a few weeks! What a great birthday present it would be!! Woot!

Please go to the link below, share it if you are inclined and kind. Donate if you can, as much as you can, to help keep me in business so I can continue to share my joy online.

Remember, you'll get a mosaic thank you gift when you do! Yay!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so very much.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics