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Monday, September 30, 2013

Promo Blast!

Good Morning, World!

It's Monday and so begins the new daily posts here on Art By EarthMotherMosaics. Before I share the chosen item from my Etsy shop, I'd like to remind you of what each days posts will be, just in case you missed it.

Monday: Promo Blast! (new items in my shop)

Tuesday: Theme Tuesday which has been changed to Trendy Tuesday (decor and other items I find appealing mostly relating to trends)
Wednesday: In The Studio (my mosaic and crafty fun)
Thursday: Featured Shop (both Etsy and Zibbet shops will be featured)
Friday: Picture Day (a new favorite photo, either mine or someone else's that I find in my search for pretty things)

I've been tweaking the blog to add pages to it. You can find them up at the top in the header. Once the week is finished, I'll archive these posts in those pages. If you're interested in seeing some of the archived posts or read my "About" section, feel free to click on them and enjoy!

Now, on with the show! The Etsy item I'm sharing in today's Promo Blast!, is a Flower Power Mosaic. One of my favorite designs to make when I mosaic.

Flower Power Mosaic Trivet
Mosaic Trivet Stained Glass Flower Power Tray Bohemian Hippie Decor Candle Holder Recycled Art Upcycled Tray China Mosaic Pique Assiette
A large 13 inch plastic gold tray has been given a face lift with some groovy Mosaic Flowers in Stained Glass, Mirror, Metallic Ceramic pieces and Glass globs. The Flower Power center is then surrounded by Broken China in Blue and White Chintz and bright Yellow with a wavy line of Mirror around it and Glass gems along the outside.
Caution: Not to be used with food. Chemicals in the grout and sealant could harm food placed on this tray.
This looks great sitting on a table, would make a great hostess gift and is perfect to give a large ray of sunshine whenever you need it. These flowers always make me happy. Give the gift of handmade art to those you love especially yourself!
 Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters this holiday season and all year long. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics