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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gingerbread House!

How cute is this Gingerbread House?!

I can't wait to list it in the Holiday Section on Etsy on Monday. I think it came out really cool.

I have done a little work on the tray. I slowed up a bit on it because I couldn't decide what to use on the inner side of the tray around the wavy mirrored part. I actually think I'm going to use dish shards. Although I had a whole other idea when I woke this morning, thinking I'd go with similar colors in stained glass, I noticed a yellow piece of dish left over from the butterfly and the last blue and white chintz saucer sitting near me. They will make a nice addition to this.

My Grandson and I spent the morning together while his Mom left early for her shift, his step-sissies went with their Dad to catch the bus and he onto work. On Friday's, I usually call it "Malachi Day" because we usually do something special, even if we're all home, that he likes to do. Today because it was just us, I gave him a breakfast of waffles, ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Waffles and ice cream because it's "Malachi Day"!
After this yummy breakfast, he watched a bit of his favorite "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and then some "Toy Story 3" on DVD before lunch. Lunch, by the way, was grilled cheese with a side of pineapple ... because it is "Malachi Day" and those are all his favorite things.

I can't get him a lot of stuff but I can give him my time and love. In the years to come, I hope his memories are filled with days like today. I enjoy my time with him, one-on-one like today, even though we all live together and bump into each other, are in each others' way and have boundary issues (like walking in on someone when they are in the bathroom), we are a family and when we have this special time together, we make it count!

Make your days count too. Enjoy it! Have waffles with ice cream for breakfast! Yay!!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics