Peace Signs

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keeping It Fresh!

One of the things I like to do, to keep my online shops fresh is to update photos every so often. Sometimes I completely rephotograph an item in a different setting to get a fresh perspective on it.

I did this with the stained glass plate we've placed in the bathroom. When I originally took photos of this, I used my favorite white background because I wanted to see all the details closely. But placing things where they might "live" when they leave me is a good idea too. I like this photo a lot because it shows a bit of the tree that is so big and strong. "My" tree!

Stained Glass Mosaic Plate
I've been busy today with final touches on all the 4 x 3 inch dot painted crosses I did a few months ago. I put 3 layers of sealant (a mixture of PVA glue and water) on top and bottom of each and added bails to them with a big dollop of thinset.

I decided to use the bails after I tried to put a small screw eye at the top of one of them but it split the MDF immediately. Something I sort of anticipated so I wasn't surprised, just disappointed. I saw these being hung on a wall differently than how I am doing them now.

They are all drying and waiting for the next step which I'll do tomorrow. I'll put string and/or ribbon and maybe jute for hanging, take photos of each one and start editing photos. Once edited they'll get listed! Yay!

I also put bails on the back of "Possessed" today and covered the grout and sides with the same sealant I mentioned above. I took it outside this morning to take some photos and decided on the way I wanted it to hang.

This should be listed in a few days once I get some more photos of it. What a ride this one took me on! I'm ready for the next.

I worked on a large cross yesterday using scrap glass. I love making these kinds of mosaics. I have the next one waiting to do something with glass in greens and blues next. This is #7!

I'm slowing up in getting all 25 crosses completed now that I know I'm not attending a local church's craft fair in November as I had planned. Life got in the way and as it always does, family comes first. I would like to reach the goal, which was to get all 25 crafted either in a mosaic or painted by November. I now have the small ones to work on too. I've got 40 of those. 20 are done with dots, 3 have a mosaic on them. They might not all get completed by November but it would be kinda awesome if they did!

Time to get to work!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics