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Monday, August 31, 2015

Taking the Week Off

I'm taking the week off so that I can work on a personal problem I'm dealing with at the moment. Nothing serious, just a bump in the road.

Plus, the "new to me" computer crashed after 4 days of using it, so I'm back to my clunky old reliable. I'm grateful it still works but sad I might not be able to get online at some point until I can figure out what to do about this one. There's no money in the budget for computer emergencies. I think there should be!

Meanwhile, there's more than a few projects waiting for me. When I get back to listings (thought I'd do that tomorrow), I shall continue adding one each day during the week.

I've had some time to think over the long weekend I gave myself to create art. I believe I'm going to offer up a few mosaics for free probably once a month until the ones I'd like to see go to a new home are gone. If you want it, all you need do is pay for postage which will be determined at the time of interest. If you're local, you can come and get it. Just let me know when and I'll have it ready. Otherwise, give me your zip code or if you are an International customer, give me something so I can check for postage costs and we'll take it from there. I have so many things in boxes and no place to put them. They've been with me for 5+ years and I'm ready to let them go. That will start next week! It's time to get the heavy load lighter!!

Stay tuned!

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