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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Setting up a "new to me" computer this week and it's been harder than I'd like it to be. The learning curve for things like this is harder than I remember. However, there are a few photos I can share of newly grouted items before I got in way over my head figuring this fun computer out.

Also, those that are curious, my Dad is doing really well after his surgery. What a blessing!

SOLD! before grout was dry - yay - it's heading out today. Cleaned it up a lot more than what's seen in this photo but didn't take an updated photo.
A soft mint ribbon has been added to the back for hanging - hope to list this today
I have decided I like square bezels much better than round - I don't have the skill to fill the round ones up properly but this sure is pretty!

Love the colors used on this one.

I like this one!

After the recent sales I had last week, I was able to get scrap glass for more mosaics. I'm going to start on an autumn inspired mosaic very soon using what's in this box.

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