Peace Signs

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

It's been a fairly good week so far. I managed to get some things grouted and listed a few things on Storenvy. That's always a good thing.

Grouting is coming along well but slowly. I create 1-3 small mosaics a day and grout 2 at each session unless they are 8-10 inches. The small ones, 3-6 inches can be done in duplicates before my body says "enough"!

I listed the sun and moon this week. So happy with how they turned out. I love that grout color!!

Mosaic Celestial Crescent Moon - 6 inches

Mosaic Celestial Sun - 6 inches

Whenever I list something new, I share it on many different social media sites including Pinterest. This morning I noticed someone pinned the crescent moon in their DIY board. I think that's wonderful that this inspires them to want to make their own mosaic! Whenever I see my mosaics pinned onto a board like that, I want to offer my help, just in case they need it. It is now my practice to write to them on their board, letting them know I'm here to help if they need it. I think everyone should learn how to mosaic and if they can't or decide it's not as much fun as they think, I hope they walk away from the experience in a positive light.

I'm telling you, it's so much better for your soul to see that favorite broken coffee cup or the broken plate that was part of Grandma's good china as a potential art project that you can hang on your wall or gift to someone you love. I used to cry when I broke my favorite dish or cup. Now I think, "Okay! What can I make with the pieces?!"

Speaking of pieces ... I made another peace sign with hand cut dish tiles!

A few days ago I discovered a box with some pieces of Fiestaware I thought I'd tossed out about 2 years ago in green, yellow and orange. I added what I found (after doing a big ole' happy dance!) to the leftovers in Fiestaware from the custom ordered peace sign I made last month and had enough to make a 10 inch peace sign with them. I added a lot of glass 1/2 circles and one other design in dish tiles to fill in the gaps, otherwise I wouldn't have had enough to get it covered. I'm so happy I found what I needed to make another large peace sign. Yay!

It is now grouted but I don't have photos of it yet. Once I get it painted around the sides and back it's getting place on Storenvy. I hope to work on this today.

Each day, as I said, I mosaic a few small pieces. These photos show all before grouting. The next post should have the ones I've grouted and finished up. I hope to list most of these.

I should be able to get some decent photos of what I've grouted soon. The Camera Goddess and I aren't really working well together right now. I've been known to take 65 photos of one item and delete them all due to fuzziness or general out-of-focus looking photos. It's all part of the process. The sun should be out for the rest of the week making it a little easier to get a good photo or two. I hope.

Come back on Friday, for Part Two. I will share the grouted pieces and more new ones to be grouted! I love to mosaic!!

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