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Monday, August 3, 2015

Promo Blast!

Blending colors together is something I really love to do.

These products above, all available in Storenvy look great all by themselves. However blending them together placing them throughout a room brings your eye from spot to spot. And look fabulous!!

The mosaics are handmade using stained glass, mirror, millefiori and broken china nipped up to fit. The pillow design is taken from an original drawing "inspire." and is sent to a lab for processing at the time of purchase.

Top left to right: Polyester Throw Pillow - 16" x 16" - Inspire$45.00, Mosaic Fiesta Owl - Stained Glass and Mirror - 7 x 6 Inches - FREE SHIPPING Within US - $42.65

Bottom left to right: Green, Orange and Black Mosaic Switch Plate Cover - Single - FREE SHIPPING Within US - $23.95, Large Mosaic Pitcher, Pique Assiette Vase - FREE SHIPPING Within US - $80.50

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