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Friday, March 20, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

I've taken a short break from all activity for a few days. There isn't much to share today, but I can show you a glimpse as to how the inside of my head works. It looks a little scary when I think of it this way. Hahaha.

Believe it or not, this is what inspires me to find color combinations of glass and other assorted fun things I use for my mosaics. Often I grab a few bags and dump them out on this tray. This is my "working table", an old TV tray inherited from my great aunt many years ago. It's portable, can be put away when cleaned off and works well for me because I live in a small space.

I have been doodling a little bit for the past few days too. This is an exercise that helps me think. I often toss out many before I decide they are okay enough to keep them.

I have used computer paper and folded it into cards to doodle on, shown above. And I found yet another use for empty cookie and tea bag boxes I have available to me. Cutting them up and doing doodles on them is a great way to recycle. Plus it possibly gives me something to add in a thank you note to my customers. Cool!

Cold weather has arrived again, on the first day of Spring, but it might be the last breathe this years winter will take. I intend to wave it farewell with gusto!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Stay peaceful,