Peace Signs

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

We're having a "heatwave" in PA this week! Our temperatures have risen and it's downright steamy here at almost 60 degrees which brings rain instead of snow. In true form, March came in like a lion and will probably go out like a lamb.

My daughter and grandson have been sick for a few weeks. Tara started with a nasty cold that transformed into the flu. Little Dude caught her cold and quickly followed through with a horrible stomach flu. He fought it for a while but it eventually flattened his 7 year old body for quite a few days. That's the first time he's really given in to an illness with very little fighting and I honestly don't think he had much choice. The good news is my daughter is almost completely recovered and Little Dude should follow along behind her soon enough. And as the weather changes, allergies will be upon them soon enough. Ah, the pollen in the air will have everyone sneezing in no time at all! But the best news is, this brings spring flowers and my camera will get a bit of a workout again. Yay!

I'm getting very interested in the way shadows play in nature. I have taken quite a few photos over the past year that didn't seem like much to me until I noticed the shadows. Here's a photo that I have recently placed on that I call "Reflections". Isn't it cool?

I have to say, I'm enjoying this custom order so very much. It's so much fun to think up new combinations of designs and colors. I'm in the middle of my journey with these 10 peace signs. It is safe to say it has been a wonderful experience.

So far I've got 4 peace signs grouted, 4 ready for grout and 2 are waiting for the mosaic goodness.

Here's the 4 that are grouted.

I really love seeing them altogether like that. These are 8 inches and 10 inches and although the photos don't really show it, the sides and backs are painted. The back has a D-ring attached to each one for instant hanging from box to wall.

Here are the 4 peace signs that are taped up and ready for grout.

I'm happy that they all seem to look good side-by-side but could also stand alone and look just as good. The customer wants a whole wall of peace signs. I think I've given her a great start!

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Stay peaceful,