Peace Signs

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

I finished getting all the glass and dish tiles on the custom ordered peace signs! Yay!

Here's the last 10 inch peace sign - ready for grout. I used stained glass and mirror.

The very last 8 inch one has a wonderful array of tess. Millefiori, glass rods, polka dot glass half circles, broken ceramic dishes, stained glass and mirror. Ready for grout!

I probably won't get to the grouting of these until the weekend. Rain is headed our way and I'm in a tremendous amount of pain physically thanks to the low pressure system coming through. The fun thing about it is that we are supposed to have thunderstorms, which I love, so I'm positive once they head on out of our area I will be feeling rejuvenated and ready to grout both these and the cat clock that's waiting.

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Stay peaceful,