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Friday, December 26, 2014

In The Studio - Part Two

I hope you all are having a nice holiday and are enjoying the season. We are enjoying the relaxation time on the 26th that comes after the chaos on the 25th. It's definitely a day to stay in my jammies!

Santa brought some wonderful goodies for us this year. Nana's stocking was filled with gluten free treats (including brownie mix)!

We got a visit from my folks who came over to enjoy Christmas dinner with us. They know me well and gave me a bottle of wine and some chocolate. They loved their snowflake ornament from Little Dude as well. He beamed with pride when they said how much they loved it. He said: "I made it. Well ... Nana helped ...". He is the best part of every day for me but especially the best part of the holidays.

Little Dude in his elf pj's. Christmas morning excitement!
My folks also gave me a picture I drew some time around 1960-61, which would put me somewhere around my Grandson's age now. I love it!

I gave it to my grandparents and drew myself, Mom and Dad, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop plus the animals Tommy the cat and Pepper the dog. How fun is this?!
The mosaic gifts I made were well received. Tara and Mark loved their mosaic very much.

window light

sitting on a white table (3rd cleaning)
The 4 inch mosaic tree ornaments are going to be available for sale as custom orders for next year. How to order yours on Storenvy will be posted here soon. You'll be able to order by color, give me an initial to be put on one side and a tree or dancing star for the other side. I'll take orders all year up until December 2015. If interested ordering early is the way to go!

Over the weekend I will head back towards the making of the mosaic sign. It is going fairly well but I'm struggling to find in my stash the right colors in stained glass to finish it. I'm almost out of that pretty light amber color I used for the center. I'm fairly sure the bottom section will have to be a different color. I'm just not sure what I have that will work with it but I'll figure it out!

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,