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Friday, December 19, 2014

In The Studio - Part Two

For those concerned about my back, it is slowly healing. We're to have snow this weekend, so hopefully by the time it arrives, the pain will be minimal. And thanks so much for the well-wishes throughout the social media sites. I appreciate it very much.

Now, here's the latest news from In The Studio.

I finished up the last of the ornaments for the kidlets! I'm happy with every one of them too, thank goodness.

I'm adding ball chain to them as a final step before grouting. I have done one row and am going to try to do a few more on each one. Once grouted, I may add a bead to the tops of each one. I'm still undecided about that.

Now that they are drying, I picked up the caricature portrait of my daughter, Tara and her boyfriend, Mark and set to work. I finished filling in their faces in 2-1/2 days (from the comfort of my bed!). The background needs to be done and then it too can sit for a few days until glue is dry. This might take a while because I used a white glue that dries to clear but Tara's side is almost dry so it won't take too long, I don't think.

When I was working on Mark's eyes, which took me close to 2 hours because the pieces were so very small, I realized they looked a little like an aliens eyes ready for battle! Changing them was the only thing I wanted to change with this. I think it looks much better now. The background will be done in an opaque white stained glass.

Grout will pull this portrait together nicely. I like how different it looks in the window from on the table. That's my favorite thing about glass-on-glass mosaics.

My skills have much improved over this last year. I can no longer say I just do abstract mosaic art. Not bad for someone who is self-taught. Not bad at all.

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Stay peaceful,