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Friday, December 5, 2014

In The Studio - Part Two

The Super Secret Mosaics Lab is once more up and running!

It's almost time to lock the door while I work and begin the mosaic gifts for the family. It gets harder every year to come up with some kind of original idea and hope that grandchildren as well as the adults like what I give them.

This year I've decided to keep it simple for the most part and make the same thing for almost everyone. I love using old things that are broken or no longer useful and turn them into something else entirely. Giving what was once old or forgotten a purpose once more is a good way to keep the creative juices flowing as well as being eco-friendly. Using that as the goal, I found the perfect thing!

A few years ago my daughter did some "After Christmas Shopping" and bought some holiday lights for 1/2 price. She hung them around Little Dude's bedroom to use instead of a nightlight. These things were called fuzzy snowball lights.

The lights themselves didn't last mostly due to my grandson pulling them apart. Luckily he didn't get hurt but the lights were not usable after he was finished with them. I saved a few of the fuzzy little snowballs and figured I'd make something with them some day.

Well, today is that day! Yay!!

Back in June I tested one to see how it would hold up without plaster cast strips. It was very hard to mosaic due to the funky, fuzzy stuff, but I did it.

Some pieces fell off during grouting as you can see from the photo above. A few months later it started falling apart because the tesserae and glue didn't have enough "tooth" to grab onto to stick properly.

To ensure these last beyond the day they are gifted, I am going to cover what I have left in plaster cast strips today, adding a hanger under a layer of strips to make it secure enough to hang on a tree.

Once they are dry, I can start the fun I always have with mosaic magic! I'll share more when the magic begins.

Also on the list: I want to make a mosaic for my daughters and their guys this year and as I get going on them, I will share what I'm doing here. I'm a few weeks behind schedule because of those awesome clothespin snowflake ornaments Little Dude and I are making. FYI: they've been painted and he'll be adding the glitter to them soon. As promised, I'll share some photos of him working on them when they are finished.

So far, both of the mosaics I have in mind for my daughters are in the thinking stage. All those being gifted my mosaics over the years know they might not get what I'm making by the holiday. That has been something they know might happen. I have learned that I can't rush the muse and she and I have been slightly sleepy these days. It's going to take some time to wake her up and get going. But I'm getting there.

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