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Friday, December 12, 2014

In The Studio - Part Two

It's been a rough week for me physically, so working in the studio has been hit or miss. But on a good day, I can get a few hours in. And I use those hours to the fullest.

It's now officially time to lock the door to keep curious kidlets away and start in on their Christmas presents. The Super Secret Mosaics Lab is now in session! Woo-hoo!!

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm making each child an ornament. I've gotten their initials on each ornament and will fill them all in with stained glass.

A, R, M, J, K & Z ornaments
The initials will be filled in with black stained glass and then as I get inspired, I'll decide what to do and how to do it on each one. I may go with a simple design on the other side, like a star or tree.

Each phase of a mosaic is so much fun. Pulling out different found objects and playing with glass is the best! I love what I do!!

Also part of the Secret Lab is the gift for my daughter and her fiance'. It has been hard for me to land on one idea but after much thought I decided it was time to use some of the window pane glass. I have a big box filled with it and have been reluctant to use it because I don't have the frames, so finishing is a bit of a problem. I can mosaic like crazy on all of them but how to make them safe for others to handle and where they'd be placed is a big concern.

I'm experimenting with a few ideas; right now I've decided I'd try to use fabric tape around the edges and work on a way to either hang or display on a stand later once it's finished. I don't have many options but maybe we'll figure it out together once it's been gifted.

Mark and Tara on glass
The pattern of these fun caricatures were created by Mark a few years ago. I have always loved them and hope they think it's cool to see themselves in mosaic.

For my other daughter and her husband, I just received a house plaque in wood that will get primed and because they are living in a rental, I'll put their last name on it so they can take it wherever they live in the years to come. There's nothing to show of interest with that yet but I will share when there is.

Looks like I'm going to be busy this weekend!

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Stay peaceful,