Peace Signs

Saturday, September 6, 2014

In The Studio

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day. The grandkids started school this week and Nana got to experience what it was like to have quiet time again.

As a regular practice, I used to meditate and do yoga when I lived on my own. After moving in 2010 I wasn't able to practice yoga in the small space I have available to me. As the years continue here, the space is much, much smaller (mosaic supplies have a way of multiplying). When I realized I'd have the apt to myself, I dusted off my yoga mat and continued the practice this week. I'm starting off really slowly since it's been years, but I am so happy to have the space and the quiet needed. It's a wonderful thing!

The glue on the small vase finally dried and I shipped out the complete custom order this week.

If the customer has any comments on things, I'll pass them along. She's in the midst of a move, so I won't hear from her for a while, I don't think. I just hope everything is in one piece when she opens the box in her new home. It's a lot like living on pins and needles!

I grouted and painted the switch plate cover I recently made.

I hope to list this soon.

I took some updated photos of "Amongst The Clouds" because I painted the grout recently. I'm not sure where this is headed --- perhaps the gallery? But I'm happy to have it here with me for a while because it's one of my favorite abstracts.

I worked on a peace sign, a bowl and a few of the shapes I cut out from Wedi board.


Ribbon will get attached to these shapes so they can hang. I think they are large enough to hang on a wall but also small enough to be ornaments. Covering both sides makes it possible to display them so they hang freely.

And that's about it for this week!

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Stay peaceful,