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Friday, September 12, 2014

In The Studio

This week, I took a much needed break from the crafts table and promoting/marketing online. Instead, I spent most of the week sorting through boxes filled with gifted treasures and resting as much as I could.

Because I have nothing new to share from the studio, I thought I'd share some information on the stained glass I used on the last vase I made for the custom order.

I love this glass. I'm blessed to have been gifted with bits and pieces of it.

Made by Uroboros Glass - - this is often called streamer glass or confetti glass. The proper term used by Uroboros Glass is "fracture glass". I am in awe as to how it is made and would love to some day watch it's creation in person. It's on the bucket list!

Making any stained glass is a tremendous amount of work but this glass is exceptional. Thin blown shards of colored glass, fusing it, rolling, hand-stretched. Making glass like this is intensive work and I truly appreciate every step.

Fracture glass, or 'Confetti' is made from eggshell-thin blown shards or flakes of intensely colored glass fused to the bottom of sheets during the rolling process. Mostly used in backgrounds to imply small scale repetitions of foreground features such as leaves or flowers. Fracture-Streamer glass is fracture glass combined with hand-stretched streamers or strings of glass. The irregular shaped streamers typically suggest twigs or branches in the background. 

Tiffany and his glass artisans utilized fracture glass repeatedly for leafy or flowery background areas where the brightly colored fractures signified myriad leaves or flowers in the distance.

Considering the amount of work put into making sheets, its price is very affordable. A 12 x 15 inch sheet is about $30.

Isn't this glass beautiful?

Blue Green
Purple, Blue, Green
This glass is a work of art all by itself. It's beautiful.

There are a few more color combinations made. Go to Uroboros Glass' website to see them all.

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