Peace Signs

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Midweek Motivation

I love being motivated! This week so far I've been working on my first Etsy shop. I've added a few new items, visited all teams (close to 60) and spent time making a treasury too. It's actually comforting to work on my Etsy shop; I'm "at home" on this site and even when the site makes changes as I'm visiting teams (like it did on Tuesday) and sharing the love, I still feel most comfortable there. It's good to feel the pull towards all the online shops I have to fix them a little bit and share with teams what's in them on Etsy.

On Storenvy, much of what is on Etsy is there too with more hand painted art work. I'm learning how to make Collections on the shop of my own items and those items I find to "Envy" and then put into a collection. This site is fun and even though there isn't much different in my own shop on it as there is on Etsy, I enjoy hanging out there.

The newest items in Etsy are:

Nautical Peace Sign - 10 Inches

Green Apple Bowl

 Next week is my birthday (on Sept 22 I'll be 60) and I've decided to celebrate a bit with a sale on art pendants. I've taken 20% off each pendant and am offering them at this reduced price for a week.

Sale on all Art Pendants
Now is a great time to get a few and tuck them away for future birthday's or the holiday's. These are casual and yet can make a special occasion just a little more special when you add one of these pendants.

I made a treasury featuring some 123team teammates and some awesome items from shops on Etsy. Check it out and comment if you'd like:

Oh Oh Let's Go!

On Storenvy, my favorite small art piece is this ATC sized acrylic:


Here's one of the items I have in a collection called "Bohemian". Click on this link to see my entire collection. This bracelet is from Lobster Pirate Jewelry. What a great name for a shop!

Spiked leather wrap bracelet

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,