Peace Signs

Friday, September 19, 2014

In The Studio

After taking a nice "staycation" last week, I had a great week at the crafts table.

Working on many things in different stages is at times the best way to stay in the zone and keep the muse happy and productive.

I prepped:

A large birdhouse - 24 x 5 inch - and some nipped up dishes to be added to it

Grouted and listed a few on Etsy:

two sided mosaics - each side has glass and/or broken china

FB Birthstone GOG Challenge

nautical peace sign

green apple bowl

Continued with a hard project:

Mosaic Doll - I've added ball chain and white beads to face, hands and legs

she's finally ready for grout - acrylics, glitter and tempered glass added to arms and legs
And worked on something new:

ready for grout - black and white bowl

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Stay peaceful,