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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Expiring Soon!

A new addition to the daily posts, "Expiring Soon!" is to share items that will be gone from Etsy once they expire. If you see something here that you like but can't decide whether you want it right now and it expires from Etsy before you've had the chance to make up your mind, please let me know. Just a simple description of the item in an email letting me know you're interested is enough. Send inquiries to: or respectively.

Today is the last day for the art pendant sale! Get any pendant for $20 today only.

Etsy Shop - Art Pendant Sale
Here's what's expiring in EarthMotherMosaics on October 15th:

Mosaic Gazing Ball 10.5 Inches - $135.00

A great focal point, this gazing ball I call "My World", can be placed on a pedestal and set in the center of a table surrounded by candlelight for a special event but pretty enough to be the centerpiece of your table or windowsill every day. The glitter under the tempered glass sparkles in the light. It's absolutely exquisite. A single globe sitting on a stone pedestal near sunlight adds elegance to your home. A wrought iron holder gives strength where ever it is placed.

Layaway is available on this item. Contact me for more information.

Expiring on October 15th in our sister shop, Cindy White Photo Art:

Pillow Cover - Grow, Bloom, Fly - $30

Art Print - 10 x 8 inches - Never Stop Looking Up - $25

Clock - Grow, Bloom, Fly - $40

Art Print - 8 x 8 Inches - Grow, Bloom, Fly - $25

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