Peace Signs

Friday, August 29, 2014

In The Studio

It's been a rather slow week In The Studio compared to recent months. I think I'm slowly getting back to normal now that the custom order is finished.

The supplies are coming in for new things to mosaic and the muse and I are studying a lot of things, getting ideas from my favorite books and fellow artists for inspiration.

Still waiting for glue to dry ... but I'll be grouting the last custom ordered piece, the small vase, this weekend (as I've said for the past 2 weekends and didn't) and getting the entire order out to the customer by this time next week (I hope).

Can you see the one white spot in the back of this photo? That is the patch of glue I'm waiting for. Instead of waiting any longer because I know some pieces will go white again under them when grouted, I'm grouting this pretty vase this weekend.

Not wanting to get too wrapped up in anything complicated, I've been working on little things while waiting for the glue to dry. I made a few more pendants.

My favorite is the center one at the top in the iridescent orange glass. Hopefully these will all pass my strict approval and get placed in Storenvy and Meylah eventually. That center one will probably get listed on Etsy.

Every 4-5 pendants I make, I usually only like 2-3. Those will be the ones I list. The ones I don't feel make the cut will be gifted to customers as a thank you. Others I might abandon here and there with a "I'm Free - Take Me - I'm Yours!" tag on it. :)

I also worked on the GOG Challenge through the Facebook group I belong to. This isn't due until November but I thought it might need some time to dry before grouting so I did it now. It is a Birthstone challenge. My birthday is in September and my birthstone is blue sapphire. I took an old candy dish from my stash and covered it in pretty blue stained glass.

I recently ordered some Wedi board which is one of my favorite substrates to work on and cut out 40 shapes for mosaic fun later throughout the winter months when I am bored or don't have much going on. These are instant gratification, as jewelry is, for a mosaicist. Small enough to do one in a day. I'd like to do some simple designs on some using dish shards and more complicated designs on others using glass.

What do you think? Should this keep me busy for a while??!

Today I am going to work on a few things I haven't taken photos of yet. More switch plate covers (1 or 2), a ceramic bowl, a peace sign. Yes, I plan to work on them all today. So I guess I'd better get to it, don't you think?

Happy Labor Day!! Enjoy the last holiday of summer. Stay safe!

And a big Happy 7th Birthday to my grandson, Malachi. Little Dude's birthday arrives on the first day of first grade! This guy is always moving, so it's hard to get a good photo of him. I loved spending time with him all summer while Mom and Dad worked. I'm going to miss him when he goes to school this year!

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Stay peaceful,