Peace Signs

Friday, August 1, 2014

In The Studio

I can't believe it's the first day of August already! The summer is just zipping by!!

First let me thank all of you who took the survey about what you'd like to see next in my EarthMotherMosaics Etsy shop. Your feedback is important. I want to make items that people like and want. This helps me streamline my shop to place only items seasoned customers and potential ones would like.

I follow my muse with my work and make a lot of things I think everyone will love as much as I do. She has full artist reign and there will always be many different things to try, create and experience. It is actually good to see there are things not as well liked as others because it keeps me working towards a better online presence in the long run. The muse and I will always make art, but not all of it has to be listed on Etsy! Thank you!!

I offered 4 choices and these are the results in order: light switch plate covers, stained glass vases, peace signs and stained glass plates (last 2 were a tie). What this means to us all is that I will be making some switch plate covers and vases over the next few months to list in Etsy and letting other items expire. Each item will also be available for custom orders. For instance, you can get the right switch plate covers for your home in the colors and toggle switch options of your choice by requesting a custom order.

As for the glass vases, in addition to the 8 inch and 4 inch vases (those will also be offered as custom orders), here are some of the shapes I'll be considering covering in glass. Check them out! Do you have a favorite shape? Won't these look awesome as a stained glass mosaic?!

Don't worry if you still want to see and/or purchase the old and some new wall art, gazing balls and other items I always like to make. I'll still be making them because the muse is happiest when I make many different things. The expired items on Etsy and any new items I feel would work better there will be moved over to Storenvy, and I'll be sure to share the links here when I move them.

Personally, I am always striving to find the right places to share things. I didn't think the switch plate covers would go over well but through the survey I learned they are a favorite. This is good news for me because I think working smart is always best.

And you can be sure that I will be adding the 4 switch plate covers I have made and listed on the other 2 sites to Etsy this weekend! Hooray!

A sad announcement: my Zibbet shops are now closed. They did a new build on the site recently and it looks very similar to Storenvy in design and style. It's very nice. However because I don't have a Pro Account, my options on Zibbet were more minimal than they used to be. In my attempt to try to keep my budget under control, I had to make the decision to let them go. After having a Zibbet shop for 2 years and no sales have yielded from it, it felt like the right decision. I think I will miss the community more than the site itself. However, I had to do what I felt was best for me and my business.

The custom order I've been working on is coming along swimmingly! I'm very pleased with the way things are progressing. I grouted all the switch plate covers. Here are the 3 I grouted since last time and a nice big photo of all 11 shiny and pretty.

I also grouted the 8 inch scrap glass vase. Ohhhh I love these mosaics so much!! I used some dichroic glass in this which gives a reflective quality. The sun shines through and can be seen like a prism. Gorgeous!!

That left me with the 8 inch yellow vase to finish up and I did that on Wednesday! It's now in the waiting for grout pile. Isn't it pretty?!

Up next for the custom order are two 3.5 inch vases! I'm excited that I am more than half way completed with the custom order. I have been sharing these as I've completed them on my Facebook page and the customer has been getting excited right along with me. That's a great feeling; to know that she is happy makes me very happy!

My 2nd shop on Etsy has gotten a sale recently which thrills me beyond words. I was able to add more pillow covers and tote bags. I have added so many art prints that I love in pillows and totes, I am having a hard time containing my joy about this. It's funny how one sale can make us business folks excited, isn't it!?

Here's a few of the pillow covers added recently. Aren't they cool?! Those prints that don't have tote bags yet, will have them soon. I've also added a few more shower curtains. In the future, I hope this shop will have more home decor items. I'm working on those and hope to have them listed before the winter holidays.

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,