Peace Signs

Friday, August 22, 2014

In The Studio

I've switched gears in the studio this week and have started working on small items to list online.

Celestial cover about ready for grout

3 Piece Set

New pendants
The custom order is still with me ... that darn vase is still not ready for grout. I painted a water/glue mixture along the sides of the glass pieces on it to make sure when I do grout, bleeding will be minimal. It had a lot of areas where that could have happened, so this step was not only necessary, it turns out it was the right thing to do.

White spots indicate glue is not yet dry.
The peace sign is grouted and painted. I just need to add a felt pad to the bottom on the back and sign/date it.

Love the sparkle of the blue mirror!
I have added a lot of items in my "sister" shop on Etsy. I'm probably not going to add more this month, although I have quite a few mugs ready to go. I was having computer problems and decided instead of offering 1-3 items a week for the entire month, I'd list most of them now while the computer was up and functioning. Since then, I've found and fixed the computer problem (go me!) which means I don't have much to list for the rest of the month and stay within my budget. I'm adding tons of items to the draft folder and hope to get a few more things listed but it may have to wait. The budget is a little better right now, but I want to make sure I have what I need to renew items in both shops next month.

Here are my favorites added this month.

Misty Morning Fog - Pillow Cover
Supernova - 15 oz Mug
Renewal - Tote Bag (shown here in 16 inches)
I had an order recently for the "Elephant Dust" print in a tote bag. I have the items sent to me from the lab for inspection and in that way I assure the print isn't smeared or the material snagged, etc. I found it to be really awesome looking in person. It should arrive to the customer this week. Yay!

Elephant Dust Tote Bag (shown here in 13 inches)
In my mosaics shop on Etsy, I recently renewed a few mosaics. These are well-loved and the decision to renew them was based on that alone. I've been tempted to renew everything; it's hard to let things go. I am letting the vintage earrings go and will be placing them on soon. A few pieces of wall art are also getting moved and not relisted on Etsy. I have some new things I want to list and so, the things that don't sell or aren't loved as much on Etsy are headed to the other shops.

Exciting news: Some of these renewed items below will be heading to a new gallery for perusal next month (which is also the month of my 60th birthday)! I hope they decide to take everything I bring for them to look at. More on that when it happens.

Sun Shrine In A Box
Beach Cottage Mosaic
Mosaic Bowl - 4 x 7 inches
Mosaic Bowl - 7 x 2-1/2 inches
Flower Power Tray - 13 inches

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Stay peaceful,