Peace Signs

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taking a Blog Break

I've been a bit busy with custom orders and so grateful for the business I am in tears. And gratitude has it's rewards, I am certain of it, because I've now been asked to make more custom mosaics. This might take a while ... months I'm guessing. Feeling so very blessed to have found a customer who loves what I do so much, they want to be surrounded by my work. As someone said yesterday, I have a patron. How lucky am I?!

Because I like to share what I'm doing, I will check in with everyone on Friday using the opportunity to let you know what's happening "In The Studio".

Meanwhile, while I wait for glue and grout to dry on what I've made so far, I'm pulling out the ole' window once more to give it some more mosaic goodness.

Custom orders in different phases of progress:

When all of these are completely finished (polished, painted, grouted, sealed) I'll take photos once more and share on Friday. And of course photos of the window will be posted then too.

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Stay peaceful,