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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In The Studio

I've been busy working on the custom ordered switch plate covers this week. They are all resting for a few days before I grout.

I'll take pictures of them once grouted and share again. I love grout for projects like this especially. It will pull everything together and make some of the glass "pop".

I grouted "my world". This sphere had a lot of incarnations but in the end, I think it turned out nicely. I'm considering listing it but I like it a lot. It might just have to stay with me.

An extended family member contacted me a few days ago and asked if I'd make 3 small Father's Day gifts for her. I love making mosaics for those I love. It adds a certain delight in creating something for them. Makes it a little more special. Often those emotions come through when I'm creating.

First up, is a mosaic for "Pop Pop". The only one, out of the 3, that had a color request, so I started on this one first giving me time to play with the other 2 I have waiting. And yes, the hook you see is a can tab hammered into the back of the wood. These wood pieces were given to me this way and they work well for hanging even though on quite a few I pulled them off and added other hangers, in the end, these hold the mosaic just fine and work well for gifts for Dad.

I did what you see above in one sitting. Seriously couldn't stop even to pee. It took almost 4 hours to get this 7-1/2 piece of wood covered up in gray Van Gogh glass, gray stained glass, foiled mirror glass, silver mirror, black stained glass and white dish shards along with glass gems in black and white, the small ones are iridescent. And what's left should take about an hour. I'm slow and methodical when it comes to these kinds of mosaics where color placement is important to draw the eye around the entire piece. I think I accomplished it so far!

The other two plaques were painted in burnt umber (my favorite!) and will have different colors on each of them but I'm leaning towards earth tones in green, light brown, amber.

Great news on the Etsy front! I sold the 8 inch shabby chic gazing ball this week. Yay! This is happy news because that means I can add another sphere once I make one in broken dish china to sell but also because it's been with me and admired and almost purchased quite a few times. Most recently someone was interested in the layaway plan I offer but in the end decided not to purchase it. That just means it was meant to go to the right person, because that's how the Universe works. I hope the customer that considered layaway will come back to visit and consider it again as an option to get a beautiful mosaic or two sometime in the future.

The customer who asked for the switch plate covers above also purchased a vase this week in my shop. That means I get to go shopping for more glass vessels to add pretty stained glass on very soon! Happy me!!
My shop is officially out of hibernation. It's been a great few weeks. And my policy of replacing what has been sold with the same kind of things means I need to get busy soon! I now have 2 candle holders, a vase, 3 switch plate covers and a gazing ball to replace. Woo-hoo!

And probably the best news of all, my back is starting to respond to the yoga exercises I'm doing. I put my computer chair with the hydraulic lift all the way down and worked at the low table almost filling up another pane before I got started on the custom orders above. And although I do get stiff from working on it, I love it just the same.

When this 6 pane beauty is all grouted and in my window, all the aches and pains will be forgotten. It's beautiful now and I know grout will bring it all together for me since I love using grout so much. I'm smitten with this window!

For those who think they might like to have a window like this made for them give me a shout out. Shipping is pricey unless you're local and can come get it, but honestly, using old windows in a new way is such a great idea and worth the cost to get it to its forever home safely. I know many who add heavy duty hanging apparatus chains and hooks to their windows and I'm positive I can get someone to help me do the same thing with one for you. Working on these windows is another way to take something that was once used for one thing and create art with it. Gotta love that!

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,