Peace Signs

Friday, June 13, 2014

In The Studio

Happy Friday!

At this writing, all the customs I was working on are completed. Yay!

First, the switch plate covers are headed out today towards their new home. I really love how they look. I did a 2nd grouting around the sides of 3 of them (the black grouted one was painted along the sides) adding a glue/water mixture to the grout. When that dries, there's usually a bit of a gluey film on the glass. This requires a vinegar wash and some scraping with handy-dandy dental tools for just that purpose.

And all 3 Father's Day gifts should be picked up later today, I hope. These are for an extended family member. She has been watching their progress and says they bring a smile to her face. Yay!

DAD - has a tree of life with the 2 glass globs representing his two children

POP POP - this one was the only one she requested colors for - I really like how classy this looks

POPPY - I picked up the rooster and loved the colors of it so decided to add it to the plaque. I didn't realize until I placed it next to the word charm that this becomes "POPPYCOCK" - funny!

Yesterday in the afternoon, I decided to pull out the window and finish it up. I was so close to being completed with adding the scrap glass on it, I had to get back to it.

This is where I left it the last time I worked on it.

At this point, only one window was left to cover with stained glass scraps.

And here it is! Finished! Even in lamplight, it looks really cool. I'll be grouting this bad boy in a few weeks. I want to make sure the glue is dry.

Now I'll be doing some research for the newest custom I'll be working on. The order is for 2 candle holders, 2 vases and a 10" peace sign! Woo-hoo! I LOVE being busy!!

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Stay peaceful,