Peace Signs

Friday, June 27, 2014

In The Studio

Gearing up for a good month to 6 weeks of custom mosaic work is always exciting! But still, keeping myself busy with my own favorite things to do is exciting too!

I've got the porcelain doll I'm working on to keep me busy. She is looking pretty cool now that I've got a direction for her. I couldn't decide on a design when I first start working on her. It was getting frustrating because I really did want to do something. So after the cement was dry, I picked up the colors I thought I wanted to use and started.

cement did not make this thing look LESS creepy ...
I used purple iridescent stained glass as "hair" and started with circles on the body
I love the little red iridescent stained glass flowers a lot. The back will have 2 circles on it as well in the opposite sides with flowers around it. I'm aiming for black stained glass to fill in the background with bits of orange and purple placed here and there.
This doll IS a hoot to work on but under the arms and between the legs ... challenging for sure. This mosaic already has my DNA on it.

I did a mosaic on 2 new 3.5 inch candle holders almost ready for grouting!

These are going in the online shops for sure. I think I'll use white grout on the blue one and that wonderful suede color for the brown one.

While I was waiting for some sort of design inspiration to start the doll, I worked on an approximately 6 x 6-1/2 inch mosaic in one sitting. It's called "Birds Eye View".

Both crescent moons are ready to be grouted too. I think I'll have a messy party this weekend! Yay! I love to play with grout!!

the stars glow in the dark - wayyy cool
The supplies and materials for the custom are starting to arrive. Now is the time to look at each piece as a separate piece of art and decide on a design and color choices.

eleven drab looking switch plate covers will be getting some mosaic goodness making them all one-of-a-kind pieces of art

There's a sale going on at plus I got an order in on the last day to take advantage of a 20% off coupon too! Gotta love that!! I purchased 4 sheets of Cathedral glass for a really great price. Some will be used on the glass vases I'm doing for the custom order.

Two small candle holders/vases (3.5 inches) are prepped and ready for mosaics. I'm waiting for two 8 inch cylinder vases to arrive to be prepped and added to the pile.
Van Gogh Stained Glass
Yellow & Orange Swirled Stained Glass tiles
I used just about all of my scraps in these colors and thought it would be good to get them to use on the switch plate covers. Not all of them are going to be the same colors, the customer actually requested they all be slightly different in color and design. I like that! This glass came from - always a great experience ordering glass from that site.

10 inch peace sign will have blues and greens on it. I'm going to order blue mirror glass for this at the customer's request.
This fantastic MDF 10" Peace Sign was purchased through my first choice in MDF shapes, Etsy's very own ZZBob - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shop! Thank you, Bob and Pam for the speedy delivery! They rock! I had them send it to me without a keyhole and added a D-ring myself to the back.

Looks like I'm going to be having lots of fun in July, don't you think?!

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Stay peaceful,