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Friday, April 11, 2014

Picture Day

With the flux in internet usage recently here at home, I've been playing catch up on days when it's working and I'm able to get online. Last Friday, we didn't have a connection, so sharing my photos for "Picture Day" was postponed until today. In truth, I actually love doing the daily photo challenge so much that I find myself going everywhere with my camera or iPod, "just in case"! I love even more being able to share them but when I can't, I STILL love to see, through the eyes of the camera, a world closely examined.

03/29/2014 - play
03/30/2014 - enjoy
03/31/2014 - someone I love...
{ my oldest daughter shown here but too, in the background is my youngest daughter (I have two) and her husband walking along the path so I've covered a lot of someone's I love in one photo }

04/04/2014 - bent
04/05/2014 - soft
04/06/2014 - rounded
04/08/2014 - ground level
04/09/2014 - a collection
{ All photo prompts come from }

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