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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Featured Shop - Artisan Bath & Body


Handmade Soap, Natural Skincare, Vegan Beauty

Cristy Ramos, the owner of Artisan Bath and Body has creatively created a wonderful shop on Etsy. In our world, online presence is the most important thing. It is what makes a sale. Her photos make me feel the need to reach out and sniff deeply to gather in the different blends used in her handmade soaps. Good photos make the customer want to purchase an item. Great products make a customer come back often to purchase again. If I could, I'd have one of everything from this shop.

In her words: "All the soaps I make are made using the finest ingredients to offer you a high quality soap bar that will last and bubble creamy and abundantly without leaving a lot of residue on the surface where you leave it on." Awesome!

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I'm always looking for natural products with my all-time favorites in them like patchouli and lemongrass. This shop has that and much, much more. Natural skincare, shown in some of the best photos I've ever perused, is just a click away.

I'm pleased, honored and delighted to share Artisan Bath and Body on Etsy with you all.

Enjoy the moments!

Homemade Soap, Organic Skincare, Natural Beauty, Bath Accessories and more!
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