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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In The Studio

I've been working on my daughter's birthday present for the past week and it's going really well. The panel is 23 x 11.5 inches and is based on two photos of my grandson a few years back when he saw the beach for the first time. I can share it here because I know she won't read my blog nor see photos I share on flickr. I am staying away from sharing on Facebook, though, until it's been gifted.

This will be grouted along with the baby shower gifts in a few days. I want to make sure this one is completely dry since I used a fairly thick glue. Stay tuned for more photos!

And speaking of photos ... I was gifted a "new to me" camera over the weekend and I'm floored at the amount of lenses and cleaners and ways to do nifty things I now have before me to learn how to use. It will take a long time before I'm comfortable with it, but I'm thrilled to have it and completely blown away by the gift.

My "new to me" toy!
It's a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi for those who know about these wonderful devices.
May not be the newest piece of equipment, but it IS a true step up from the Kodak EasyShare. :)
As soon as I get the panel above finished, I'll be working on the last birthday gift for April. I'm happy to say I'm close to being able to work on revamping a cookie jar, which was the goal for this month! I also have a few crosses to finish up for the 24 cross challenge I gave myself that I've woefully put aside. AND I have a challenge for the group on Facebook to get going on, the 2 donated pieces to finish up, plus a few pendants to make ... and yes, I still have plenty of time to do it all! Hooray!!

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Stay peaceful,