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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Featured Shop - Thunder Rose


Custom leather handbags, pouches and beadwork.

Based in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, the team of Debbie and John Rodgers have created Thunder Rose Leather.

In their words: "We do old style leather and beadwork, one piece at a time, by hand, with attention to detail. You may order one of our standard items or ask for something special. We develop our own designs and can work with your ideas."

And if that's not all, this month everything in their shop is on sale! Yay!!

Thunder Rose Leather
They have a "sister" store on Etsy filled with leather scraps and supplies you can purchase for your own creative endeavors. Love that!! Not one bit is wasted ... they rock!!

John and Debbie work tirelessly for the team Working Artists Promotion Team on Etsy. I was introduced to them through their Premium Shop on Zibbet and joined their community thread there. Once I got back to Etsy, I found them there. And my love affair with their work continues to get stronger. Nice people, handmade products, sharing and caring individuals and as a team. If you are like me and around my age (yes ... I'll be 60 this year ...), and enjoy the style and designs from your youth, this shop is a must see. I especially love the baby moccasins. Awesome.

Find them on Facebook and "like" their page so you don't miss a thing!

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