Peace Signs

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In The Studio

I've been away from the crafts table so far this week, promoting my mosaic shop on Etsy and sharing in the absolutely glow of love received by teammates through many teams I've joined. I'm making treasuries every day as a thank you to the DUB Team teammates for their extra "hearts" to items in my shop. I have noticed many teams are wonderful about sharing the love and it makes us all want to share even more. It's a beautiful thing.

I have a little pile of stained glass sitting next to me, waiting for me to go through and get to work on the baby shower gifts due in a few weeks.

Ah just looking at this array of glass and gems and other assorted things makes me smile. How I love to mosaic!

I have an overly large amount of photos of the Lighthouse for the Ocean Bottle Challenge which I have now shared with the group on Facebook, so I can post as many as I want at this point. And I want to! I also think this bottle has already been spoken for! Someone asked me if I had others like it, but I don't. I suppose I should make a few at some point soon. I struggled with this, to get it just right, and now I love it. Below are photos of it in natural and filtered light. Many photos. Glass-on-glass looks good in every light, in my opinion.

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Stay peaceful,