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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In The Studio

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. We sure did!

It has been busy. The Easter holiday, one daughter's birthday, the second daughter's wedding anniversary and lastly Earth Day! Whew.

That crazy bunny brought Little Dude some bubbles in his basket this year.
We made cupcakes to surprise Little Dude's Mom on her birthday. I baked, he sprinkled jimmies. The cupcakes had wheat flour in them, so I didn't get a taste, but they sure smelled good!
"Discovery" was finished on time for Tara's birthday. Yay!
Over the weekend I got to visit Spring Equinox again. It hasn't fared all that well in spots because it sat in water for a long period of time, but considering that underneath is a bowling ball and the mosaic still hasn't completely fallen apart, I'd say it's fine. This was the 2nd bowling ball I ever put a mosaic on in 2008, I think.
I'm feeling so blessed these days!! I was gifted 5 bags, in some amazing assorted colors (starry night and sage for instance), of sanded grout this week. Also 3 small containers of opened grout too. I am positive I won't be shopping for grout any time soon! How lucky am I?!
Mark (my daughter, Tara's boyfriend) has a birthday coming up next ... within the week actually ... yikes.
The glue is now dry and I can fill in around the beer bottle and maybe even get it grouted before Mark's b'day. Yay!
I've been playing with the "new to me" camera. I've been a big fan of editing photos on the computer for a few years now. I use it mostly to bring out the colors or soften the photo. I like to use the sharpen and clarity functions as well. I have a few favorite sites but my #1 favorite is - I recommend it highly.
I took over 200 photos during our celebration on Sunday. We had some birthdays and the Easter Bunny visited too. I am now a little more adept at using the camera but still have many things to explore with it.

I walked around all day with the camera and found some wonderful things to photograph. I even managed to get some really good shots of the fam which can be seen on flickr. I'm still adding photos so check back again if you visit. Some of these will end up on society6 as prints for sale. I'll keep you posted!

I said last week I was going to grout the donation star box but I haven't gotten to it yet. I usually grout on the weekends, so perhaps I'll get to it this weekend?? If so, I'll share photos of it here next time.

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Stay peaceful,