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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Treasury Fun

I know this is crazy but I belong to 50 Etsy Teams and counting. I'm not saying this is a normal way to do things, but what I have found is that widening my horizons within my Etsy community is never a bad thing. I meet new people, find new shops to love and feature here on the blog, and even find a way to share the love through treasuries every so often.

This week my shop was chosen to get some extra hearts from the Drumming Up Business (DUB) Team. This team is one of my favorites; I do have a few and that too is expanding because as I learn about new shops and new teams to join, I also learn the "we got your back" feeling is also an expanding thing. I love it and I love my teams!

As a way to thank those that participated in giving my shop some extra love this week, I am going to be making treasuries dedicated to each shop. It may take a while to get through them all, but it is so worth it.

First up is "Splendor In The Green" for the shop LittlestSister and I placed an item from her shop in the first slot in my treasury.

Splendor In The Green

When I make a treasury, I always share it with the teams that love to see treasuries on Etsy, on my Facebook Page, through Google+, Twitter, tumblr and Pinterest. I also add an item on Wanelo once in a while which will be the case for each of the wonderful teammates who gave my shop and many items some love for a few days. Click on any of the sites I mentioned here if you're a follower of any or all and connect!

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,